The Waldorf International School Amstelland (WISA) offers children:

  • Innovative education based on almost one hundred years of experience and proven philosophy (Steiner).
  • Education with a focus on nature and broad personal development.
  • Bilingual education within the international context of Waldorf schools worldwide.

The premises

  • Waldorf pedagogy is a globally recognized education method and offers a versatile form of education aimed at a broad and balanced development of children. Read more about this on the Education page.
  • Nature has a central place in this type of education. In the Waldorf pedagogy we follow the seasons and the laws of nature and integrate this in everyday life at school.
  • Bilingual education gives our school an international character. This future-oriented education prepares children for global citizenship, in which meeting with other nationalities and flexibility in communication and behavior is very important. The international character is strengthened by the connections our school will have with other international Waldorf schools around the world.


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It is very important for us to know how many parents are interested in this initiative so that we can continue to move forward in its development.

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