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The initiative for a new elementary school for Waldorf Pedagogy in the municipality of Ouderamstel, stems from a number of parents from the “Vrijeschool Parcival” in Amstelveen.

Bas Filippini and Hester Mager are the initiators. They both live in the Ouderamstel municipality. Through their connections in this municipality and in the area, they know that many parents are looking for more in-depth education for their child(ren). Bas and Hester contacted the Geert Groote School Foundation (the board of the Waldorf/Steiner based primary school in Amsterdam), which now supports and advises the parent group in the development of this school.

Steering committee

In the spring of 2017, a steering committee was set up whose aim is to start an internationally oriented school based on Waldorf pedagogy in the municipality of Ouderamstel. The steering committee consists of:

  • Bart Hurkxkens (Executive Board member Geert Groote College School & The Parcival School Amstelveen and former Principal Waldorf School Zutphen for secondary education)
  • Wouter van der Heijde (Labor Relations Manager at Shell in The Netherlands)
  • Bas Filippini (Initiator, Entrepreneur & parent)
  • Christine Cornelius (former teacher Geert Groote College Amsterdam)
  • Nicoline Vink (Project Leader)


  • Piet Kranenburg (Advisor “Vereniging Bijzondere Scholen”, Executive Board Member ABSA)
  • Wouter Steiner (Lawyer and consultant)
  • Lianne Bergeron (Translater, educator and marketeer)

The steering committee has set up foundation ‘Stichting WISA’, as new School Board for this future school. See below under planning.


Text editing: Nicoline Vink, Hester Mager and steering committee
Translation website: Lianne Bergeron
Design website: Juulke Brosky
With the help of the steering committee members of WISA.


The overall planning for the start of WISA is as follows:
Autumn 2017:
Establishment of Foundation
Interest Form Survey parents
Spring 2018:
Application Plan of Schools at Gemeente Ouderamstel
School Housing application Municipality of Ouderamstel
Summer 2018:
Decision by City Council Ouderamstel
Autumn 2018:
Decision by Ministry of Education
If positive decision:
Start WISA school year 2019/2020


As soon as there is a definite ‘green light’ for WISA, we will accept applications. We will be looking to hire teachers and school management based on their knowledge and experience in Waldorf Pedagogy. It is important that they can contribute their expertise and interests to the international character of the school and its focus on nature. We will also be looking for native English speakers to be part of the team. Are you or do you know someone who fits this profile? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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