“Receive the children with reverence. Educate them with love. Send them forth in freedom.”

-Rudolf Steiner


We are in the start-up phase of forming the Waldorf International School Amstelland. We aim to:

  • Be a primary school for international & bilingual Waldorf Education.
  • Support a broad development in children.
  • Be a place where nature has a central role
  • Location:  bordering Amsterdam and Amstelveen.

This new primary school will be situated on the southern edge of Amsterdam. A school with a special character: a bilingual curriculum (Dutch and English) and international orientation with Waldorf pedagogy as its base.

We will offer an experiential, age-appropriate approach to education that integrates arts and academics to ignite a genuine passion for learning in children. Nature provides inspiration in the lesson plans and the green environment of the area will help enable this.

Are you interested? Please fill in our Interest Form without any obligation!

Your enthusiasm and interest for our initiative will help convince others of the value this school will bring to the area!

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