When does the school start?

If everything goes smoothly, the school will start at the beginning of the 2019/2020 school year.

Where is the school located?

Housing of a school falls under the responsibility of the Dutch municipalities. We are in contact with the municipality of Ouderamstel about the possibilities for a building and location for WISA. Our focus is on:

  • A green environment with (access to) a lot of outdoor space.
  • Good accessibility, both for students from Ouderamstel and from Amstelveen and Amsterdam.

Who is the school for?

WISA is open to both Dutch and International students of primary school age (4-12 yrs). We will accept students that are native Dutch or English and also children who do not or barely speak one or both languages.

Which classes will the school start with?

WISA will start with at least one or two kindergarden classes. Depending on the enthusiasm from parents, we will consider creating more classes for older children.

Are lessons taught in Dutch or in English?

At WISA, students will be taught in Dutch and English. The ratio is about 60/40.

Can I already register my child?

You can intentionally register your child (ren) by filling in the intentioneel aanmelden middels ons Interest Form Survey to indicate that you are interested in the school. This registration is completely free of obligation but your interest plays an important factor in the start of the school. As soon as we are certain the school can start, more information about the final registration will be sent to you.

Who will teach at WISA?

We will appoint teachers and school management on the basis of knowledge and experience in Waldorf pedagogy. We expect them to contribute expertise and interests to the international character of the school and its focus on nature. We also intend to hire native English speakers to be part of the team.

How is the quality of education guaranteed?

The quality of education at WISA is monitored by the Ministry of Education and the school board has the responsibility for guaranteeing the quality of the school. WISA uses a “student-tracking” system and the children will take a national test every year. Because the children acquire many more skills than the standard skills in primary education, a syllabus will be written and the entire development of the child will be regularly discussed with the parents.

Will my child be able to continue in a Dutch High School (VO) or other International high school?

Yes absolutely. Based on the “school advice” given at the end of primary school, your child will be able to enter an appropriate high school. See the link below for more information on how the Dutch high school placement system works:

What will the school fees be?

WISA will be a publicly funded school. The parental contribution (school fee) is thus voluntary and income-dependent. The contribution is expected to be comparable to that of other Waldorf schools (Vrijescholen) in the Netherlands. This is based on your own net annual salary and amounts to about 2% of it for your first child and a lower amount for the following children.

How many children do you expect per group?

We plan to stay within the Dutch norm of about 27 students per group.